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Greg Yule is an exceptional musician, a  talented singer, songwriter, band and session guitarist who made it through the musical mill of ‘80s groups, one-nighters, tours, record contracts and studio session work and has now found the leisure and the lifestyle to create and develop his music in his own way.

Although Greg lives a more settled life these days in rural Ireland, a setting that allows him the peace necessary for creative work, he still loves playing real live music with a real band, so you’ll often find him playing, whether with his own band, or else with a more ad hoc backing group, to packed houses in small venues in Ireland, France and Britain.

A few years ago Greg completed construction of his own purpose-built, fully equipped recording studio, where he is able both to record his own work and produce music by others. Greg’s latest album featuring 10 new songs, 2 remixes and a live track, was released in September 2012.  A new album, “Sinner” is due for release soon.

Look out for my New album “Sinner” - to be released  Soon! Cheers! Greg

Greg Yule - Now

All Greg’s albums and individual song tracks are now available for download on I-Tunes, Amazon Music, and many other online music stores