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Equipment, Facilities, Instruments, Musicians, Engineering, Production Recording Facilities Control room - Live room - Vocal booth - Amp room Rehearsal/Retreat We can provide rehearsal space on site at Cleggan, Co. Galway, to suit your needs and numbers. Equipment/Instruments/Musicians Record with your band at Cleggan on the Galway coast

Cleggan Bay Studios in Co. Galway offers all the technical equipment and expertise necessary to create, mix and produce the sounds you and your band can imagine and aspire to record.  We offer an array of quality microphones, preamps and mixing tools, together with technical expertise, quality instruments and even experienced session musicians, for those times when the sounds you want to achieve require additional layers of instrumentation or backing vocals.

The studio has extensive parking for band vehicles and easy access for load-in.  Because of our location, round-the-clock operation is possible - ideal for those times when there’s no stopping the flow of creative and performing energy.

Onsite accommodation for even large groups makes for easy rehearsal scheduling, and the Galway area is famous for great pubs, restaurants and cafes for moments away from the studio, when some

relaxation and immersion in the local ambience seem like a good idea.  Even a dip in the Atlantic Ocean is only a stone’s throw away!

Get away from the city and your humdrum everyday surroundings, and breathe the free fresh Galway air, where you’ll find music and inspiration in every bar and creative energy in the landscape.  This is the way to capture the sounds you hear in your imagination, but which are so often elusive and difficult to reproduce amongst the regimentation and formality of big city recording studios.

Control 24 - Pro Tools H/D - 192 - Genelec 8040As - Yamaha NS10Ns - Rode K2 -  Selection of various Shure microphones - Backline on site - Sessionette 75 amp - Line 6 Flexitone II - Peavey 150 Special - 1972 Orange Head -  4 x12 vintage cabs (x2) - Trace Elliot 4 x 10 GP7

Instruments onsite:

Gibson J185 - Gibson SG - Guild de Armond - Hofner Senator - Hohner Strat - M-Audio T88 keyboard - Peavey Bass - Regal lap steel - Roland Electronic V-kit - ShoBud Pedal steel

Specialist musicians:

A very wide variety of talented and experienced session musicians is available in this part of Ireland.  We can cater for almost all requirements - but some prior notice is required.